• FRV Walther Herwig III WH383 survey: as part of the analysis of the prey field dynamics of oceanic top predators in WP12, Task 12.1 and follow-up of last year’s cruise WH375 (June 12-July 20, 2014), cruise WH383 was conducted from March 2-April 24, 2015. These surveys provided information on seasonal dynamics of mesopelagic prey fishes (same stations-different seasons, WH375 as summer and WH383 as spring survey) and compare to the historical data compiled in the data base (MS38) in order to analyse long-term changes (all stations refer to historical sampling locations). Read more.
  • On the 26th of January 2015, LPAOSF (UCAD, Senegal), CRODT (ISRA, Senegal), IRD (France) and their partners, together within the Joint International Laboratory ECLAIRS (UCAD / IRD / UPMC), deployed an oceanographic and meteorological buoy “MELAX”, aimed at scientific research and operational environmental monitoring, and dedicated to the area of the Senegal-Mauritania upwelling. The buoy, unique in the sub-region, and financed by PREFACE, is equipped with oceanographic and meteorological sensors to measure short and long term changes in climate, atmosphere and marine environment. It is deployed in the heart of the Senegalese upwelling, 30km off Mbour, by 30m depth at [14 ° 20’N, 17 ° 14’W]. Read more.
  • The Namibian RV Mirabilis left on its bimonthly oceanographic monitoring survey on Tuesday, 20 January. Colleagues from IOW and Hamburg University participated and the PREFACE and GENUS moorings and sediment traps on the Namibian shelf were serviced.
  • The previous planned cruise with R/V Polarstern in November 2014, with the following planned cruise track: Polarstern track, was unexpectedely cancelled on short notice by the vessel operators. Next cruise details aboard R/V Meteor detailed above.
  • All information on the first of three surveys undertaken for WP12 under direction of Heino Fock (TI, Germany) to be found: HERE
  • 2 gliders measuring main oceanic parameters along the 14°42’ parallel between Cape Verde and Senegal (read more). Data can be accessed HERE.
  • RV Thalassa (IFREMER) survey launched by project AWA. Details of survey: HERE.


Key: – PIRATA (Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic); Nansen surveys (RV Dr. Fritjof Nansen cruises);SOOP (Ship of Opportunity Program); XBT=eXpendable BathyThermographs; TSG=Thermosalinographs.


      Existing observations:

    • PIRATA buoy array with subsurface temperature and salinity observations
    • Subsurface equatorial current meter moorings at 23°W and 10°W (PIRATA, SFB754)
    • Boundary current mooring array at 11°S (SACUS)
    • Oceanographic mooring on the continental shelf off Namibia at 18°S and 23°S (SACUS)
    • Glider and moored observations of Senegal AWA)

New PREFACE observations:

  • PIRATA buoy – 8°E, 6°S – deployed Jun. 2013; re-deployed May 2014
  • Subsurface equatorial current meter mooring at 0° (10°W deployed; 0°W to be deployed 2015)
  • Oceanographic mooring on the Namibian shelf at 20°S (deployed)
  • Shipboard and glider observations in the eastern boundary current system including meridional sections at different latitudes in 2014, 2015, and 2016
  • MELAX buoy – 14 ° 20’N, 17 ° 14’W – deployed Jan. 2015