WP12: Environmental and anthropogenic pressures on pelagic ecosystems and fisheries

Lead: Heino Fock (TI, Germany) and Marek Ostrowski (IMR, Norway)


  • Couple retrospective environmental data from CT2 to investigate changes in biomass, spatial distribution of and interaction disturbances between major food web components, in shelf areas and the high seas.
  • Develop stock projections based on output of CT4 and using historical data, dynamic bioclimatic envelope models and single species population dynamic models.

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Partners involved:

  • IRD, France
  • UPMC, France
  • TI, Germany
  • IMR, Norway
  • INIP, Angola
  • MFMR, Namibia
  • INDP, Cape Verde
  • INRH, Morocco
  • ISRA-CRODT, Senegal
  • CRO, Ivory Coast
  • ULB, Belgium

WP13: Evaluating environmental and socio-economic effects of climate change on small scale fisheries

Lead: Jörn Schmidt (CAU, Germany)

Main Objectives:

The main objective of WP13 is to understand the effect of climate change on small scale fisheries and coastal communities in selected West African countries and to derive an understanding of the effect of uncertainty in projections and possible implications for management.

Specific Objectives:

  • Using historic oceanographic data like sea surface temperature (SST) or model hindcast data to identify the environmental effect on the stock development of key species and derive environmental sensitive single-stock models for those.
  • Compare the environmental effect on key species from different coupled climate-ocean models to understand the uncertainty of projections.
  • Understand the potential effect of different model projections on management of key species with focus on small scale fisheries.
  • Understand the perceived and realised threats to small scale fisheries communities.

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Partners involved:

  • IRD, France
  • CAU, Germany
  • INDP, Cape Verde
  • INRH, Morocco
  • UNN, Ivory Coast