INIP – Instituto Nacional de Investigação Pesqueira (Angola)

The Instituto Nacional de Investigação Pesqueira (National Fisheries Research Institute) is the Angolan institute in charge of producing technical and scientific reports and surveys about Angola’s aquatic biological resources and about the marine ecosystems and continental waters. INIP undertakes research primarily concentrated along the Angolan coast, with a particular focus on marine diversity. The principal objective of INIP is to provide scientific advice in the above areas to the authorities, industry and society as a whole. INIP is answerable to the Ministry of Fisheries.
INIP actively contributes to research in the entire Benguela Current Large Marine Ecossystem (BCLME) and Guinea Current Large Marine Ecossystem (GCLME). With a staff that includes researchers, technicians and administrative, INIP is the main institution dealing with the marine environment in this area. INIP has historical experience in marine research, comprising the Lobito Fixed Station which has been operational since 1968, making daily records. Besides INIP and in close cooperation with, are two fisheries research centres are located in Central (Benguela) and Southern (Namibe) Angola. Researchers of INIP are involved in many current projects, regional, national, and international, including countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Norway, Portugal, Germany and others.